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Invest in Stocktaking

Stocktaking is an additional tool essential to maximise your stock yield, cash & gross margin performances. Regular stocktaking is an investment that supports you in making commercial decisions to maximise profitability, influence positive team behaviours and reduce risk.


Producing your result is just one small part of the exercise – what you do with this information is crucial. Here at energise accounting we will:


  • Review the report and communicate your performance in detail
  • Produce an action plan highlighting areas of focus and action recommendations
  • Review your cash and gross margins
  • Identify stock problems and assist in reducing risk
  • Support you in refining your pricing strategy
  • Highlight stock order levels, proactive to your sales assisting you in maximising cash flow
  • Stock holding valuation (needed to produce accurate accounts)
  • Product sales performance statistics and sales mix.


Other optimal services provided normally reserved for managed houses:


  • Cash checks
  • Spirit checking using hydrometer


We also do food stock takes as well to make sure you are gaining the correct Gross profit margin and help minimise waste in your kitchen.