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The Digital Package


The digital package has been designed to deal with the upcoming changes to the UK tax system and to dramatically reduce the time businesses spend on admin. The list of services below is based on people who run their business as a sole trader or partnership however, we can cater for those businesses that choose to run their business as a Ltd company. So what is included in the fees?


  • All accounts and bookkeeping preparation
  • Payroll (maximum of 10 employees and excludes pension admin)
  • Stocktaking
  • All the required software
  • VAT returns
  • Machine duty return
  • 2 personal tax returns
  • Partnership tax return
  • Variance analysis
  • Regular meetings.
  • Training for you and your staff
  • Real advice on growing your business based on how it fits into your local area.
  • Advice on reducing costs this can save some pubs up to £15000 pa
  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone support.



Individual Services




We also offer an accounts-only package for those licensees that do not require a stockater. So what is included in my fees


  • All accounts and bookkeeping preparation
  • All the required software
  • VAT returns
  • Machine duty returns
  • 2x personal tax returns
  • 1x partnership return
  • Regular meetings
  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support


Stocktaking and payroll


We also offer a stocktaking package with a free payroll service ( Max 10 employees. Excludes Auto Enrolement).This is based on a pub having a minimum of 6 stock-takes per annum. We will also take on stocktaking work from other practices who currently do not offer a stocktaking service. To find out more about the benefits of stocktaking read our stocktaking page.


Business Plan


The business plan is an important document. They are normally used for the following reasons:


  • Applications for a tenancy or leasehold agreement
  • Raising finance for freehold pubs
  • Setting budgets


The key thing for any business to remember is that the business plan is a live document and adjustments should be made on a regular basis. It is important that your business plan is prepared by an experienced licensed trade accountant. One of the main reasons for a business failing is that the business plan has not been prepared properly and all the proper considerations taken into account. Energise Accounting can professionally create your business plan to make sure any potential business is viable for the term of your tenancy or leasehold agreement.





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