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Energise Your Accounts

Here at Energise Accounting we like to think ourselves as the licensees friend. At Energise we are fanatical about the Pub Trade and love to see licensees bring their business to its full potential, as we don’t just crunch the numbers, we offer real advice on how to grow your business and increase your bottom line.


What makes Energise different?


  • We put our clients first
  • We only deal with pubs and associated businesses
  • We are totally independent
  • We have real experience of running pubs
  • We operate throughout England


We believe that accountants should be clear from the beginning, so at Energise Accounting we offer the following guarantees:


We agree fixed fees upfront so you never get an unexpected bill

Worried that you will get an unexpected bill from us out of the blue? We will give you a fixed fee up front before we start. We will never do work that we haven’t agreed with you beforehand and if we do, you don’t need to pay us for it.


We will pay HMRC and Companies House Penalties

Receiving penalties from HMRC or Companies House even though you’re paying an accountant to avoid them? If you receive a penalty and it’s our fault, we’ll pay it; that how confident we are in our abilities!


Recommend us and we’ll reward you with £100

Referred friends and colleagues to your accountant and not received any recognition? We appreciate that you’re busy, so if you are prepared to take the time to recommend us to a friend or colleague based on your satisfaction with our service, the least we can do is show our appreciation with a thank you of £100





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